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Today IP Telephony is growing at a far greater rate then traditional phone system technologies. Companies that were once hesitant to embrace the convergence of voice and data are now moving forward with IPT to not only handle their requirements today, but to position their companies for the future.

Secure Datacom’s IP Telephony solutions provide a flexible foundation for powerful new applications that extend the limits of traditional telephony. Based upon enterprise-class solutions - including unified messaging, IP video/audio conferencing, and call center support, IP Telephony facilitates more engaging and expedient interactions amongst employees, partners, and customers, and provides the foundation for a truly collaborative workforce.

Benefits of Deploying IP Telephony

  • Provides voice and data integration to support leading edge applications that are becoming more prevalent and critical to a company’s end user and customer call center support.
  • Facilitates user mobility. People are no longer tied physically to the phone in their office. They can communicate from the road, home or any other company location just like they are sitting at their primary desk extension.
  • Moves, adds and changes are greatly simplified without reprogramming the phone system, moving physical ports on the phone system or re-patching in a wiring closet.
  • Users can access, store and forward Email and Voice Mail via a seamless, unified messaging platform. ‘Reading’ voice mails and ‘listening’ to Email becomes the norm and provides increased productivity and efficiencies across the organization.
  • Enhances fault tolerance and business continuity throughout the communication infrastructure.
  • Reduces telecom costs through toll by pass.
  • Allows call centers and help desks to function independent of physical boundaries allowing companies to realize the benefits of a truly virtual workforce.
  • Creates a single voice and data infrastructure, a single cable plant to manage and control.

The SDI Approach

To deliver IPT solutions that provide a competitive advantage while enhancing productivity and lowering costs, SDI employs a 4 phase, ‘best practices’ methodology – Assessment, Design, Implementation and Support.

Each step in the process is designed to help our clients realize the full potential of IP communications across their organizations. IPT is far more then replacing dial tone, it changes the way our clients conduct business.

  • From assessment, where we evaluate existing voice, data and networking capabilities as well as our client’s future business requirements, to our ongoing support after the system has been implemented, it is our goal to deliver a communication infrastructure that allows our clients to more effectively and efficiently pursue their business goals.

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