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Secure Datacom: More than just a product partner

Why Partner with Secure Datacom? We drive the widespread adoption of leading edge technologies by bridging the gap between products and services to solve critical business problems and provide inventive solutions.

As a leading specialty reseller, we know how much competition you face. It’s essential to stand out from all the other resellers that serve the same market. SDI Technology understands your business challenges – building market share, driving down overhead costs and creating new ways to generate margin.

Technical Services that solve business challenges

With specialty products targeted at Thin-Client/Server based Computing, Infrastructure Edge, Security, VOIP and Wireless markets, Secure Datacom provides Technical Services that bolster your ability to sell, support and create profit around the products you purchase through us. Certified Engineers either with On-Site Services or through our Remote Project Management capability can educate, install, support, or scope out a project plan for you.


SDI Advantage Field Services

  • Infrastructure analysis and remediation
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Design and Implementation
End users have limited time in training and cross technology expertise to support new technologies for their customers. Using our Field Services on an as-needed basis, SDI can seamlessly augment your engineering staff to provide a broader range of technical expertise to our customers.

SDI Advantage Security Services

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Risk Analysis
End users that do not have the specialized technical expertise needed to conduct IT security and compliance analysis. SDI’s seamlessly augment their engineering, providing specific risk analysis and vulnerability assessment expertise to our customers.

SDI Advantage Support Services

  • All Products We Resell
  • Microsoft ® (BackOffice ®)
  • CISCO (excluding VOIP)
End users that need to improve their customer support but have limited time, training, and money to meet this requirement. 24-Hour One Call Help Desk delivers cross-platform, multi-product technical support to you and your customers.

SDI Advantage Education Services

  • Citrix
  • Checkpoint/Nokia
  • eEye Digital
  • Packeteer
  • Radware
End users need training to support the specific technologies they purchase. SDI’s Vendor authorized training is designed for educating Enduser staff making them more productive in their daily tasks.

SDI Advantage Wireless Consulting Services

  • Assessment Services
  • Site Survey
  • Implementation
  • Forecasting and Planning
End users that do not have the wireless technical expertise to assess, plan and implement wireless solutions. SDI augments in-house wireless services by using consultants to conduct feasibility studies and site surveys, implement wireless plans and forecast for future needs.
Delivered as daily rates, project proposals, incident packs, business day or 24x7x365 support, classroom or on-site education services.


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