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Today through our people, our products, and our carrier knowledge and expertise we deliver Architecture for e-Business - high impact IT solutions that support and enhance a company’s bottom line productivity.

Network Infrastructure – provides the foundation for a company’s network, from the physical infrastructure, core switching and routing, to the connectivity between remote locations and users. Our solutions are build upon IP Communications, the ‘language of networking’ today and provides a common platform for all data, voice and video applications.

SDI provides the up front assessment, design, implementation and support services necessary to ensure that our client’s communication architecture supports all applications securely and seamlessly across the network.

Carrier Solutions – provide the performance, reliability and security that are critical to supporting today’s high bandwidth applications across a carrier infrastructure – public/private VPN’s, Frame Relay or Point to Point networks.

SDI can provide a consistent, experienced interface, helping our clients evaluate existing and future business requirements, and then designing and implementing voice and data networks using the most cost effective solutions available in the carrier space today.

Security – As we design, build and support seamless communication across the enterprise, protecting our client’s information from outside threats as well as unauthorized access from within is paramount.

We defend the access points of our client’s Internet connections and networks with Firewalls, IPsec and SSL based VPN’s, as well as Intrusion Prevention and Detection technologies. We defend against unauthorized access to systems and data with two factor authentication and provide for more efficient access via Single Sign On solutions. We mange and secure our client’s wireless access and secure the desktop with AntiVirus, AntiSpyware Protection, SPAM and content filtering solutions.

IP Telephony – provides universal access for voice across the enterprise removing the physical limitations and boundaries inherent in traditional phone systems. Through our IP Telephony Solutions we help our clients leverage the power of converged voice and data across a single network infrastructure

Whether at home, work or on the road, users communicate as if they were at their office extension. Voice mail and Emails are integrated into a single platform providing more efficient and effective communication.

IP Telephony provides the foundation for leading edge applications that are becoming more prevalent and critical to a company’s end user and customer support.

Advanced Server Infrastructure – provides the next layer of our Architecture for e-Business solutions, between the physical/logical network infrastructure and our client’s business applications. We support Microsoft Software Solutions – operating systems and applications, from the server to the desktop.

Leveraging our Citrix Thin Client Solutions we help our clients centralize the support and control of all applications at the corporate data center, increasing security across the enterprise, and reducing desktop support costs and time to launch new applications to the desktop.

Contract Services – we simplify and mange our client’s vendor maintenance and software subscription licenses, increasing efficiencies and reducing the time and effort that is required to manage the process within their organizations.

We provide single co-terminous contract end dates and manage the ordering, renewal and tracking (inventory) of equipment and software maintenance, for vendors such as Cisco Smartnet, Checkpoint, Nokia and Trend Micro.

Please contact us to find out how we may help with you and your business needs.


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